The rise of the Super Shed

Over the last couple of weeks it has been reported that the new trend on the horizon is the building of Super Sheds. Apparently wealthy home owners with gardens in London have started looking at building these structures in order to get more room on their property. We can’t help but think that this in spite of the harsh regulations and challenges of gaining permission for basement conversions.

The structures can be used as extra bedrooms, offices or summer houses and in some cases as a habitable annex for family or friends. One of the problems facing these new out buildings is one we face quite often, and that is the opinion of the neighbours and their propensity to complain about the eyesore or inconvenience it causes them.

However, with a basement the inconvenience and ‘ugliness’ is controlled and temporary, unfortunately with these Super Sheds the eyesore is permanent (or semi-permanent depending on the styling) – once a basement is finished it doesn’t encroach on the external aesthetics of the property. Are we seeing the basement conversion becoming the lesser of two evils when it comes to neighbourhood watch?

As with any external structure a Super Shed will require planning permission from the local authority. Already, singer Robbie Williams has had planning refused for one of these buildings in the garden of his Grade-II listed home in Holland Park, with actor Benedict Cumberbatch waiting for a decision to be made on his proposal for a similar ‘green’ building at his home in Hampstead.

Not all external garden buildings require planning permission. If you are thinking of installing something more modest, it is legal to build an outdoor structure as long as it is no taller than 8ft to the eaves, is single story and takes up no more than half of the garden; unless you are adding one to the garden of a listed building.

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