Our Services

We offer the full range of services required to get your basement designed, approved and completed to the highest standard. With our experience and expertise, engaging the Basement Design Studio will offer you access to our large network of trusted contractors who share our ethos of providing the highest quality service to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Pre-planning advice and feasibility studies

We are always happy to discuss your proposals and comment on any and all feasibility issues we can see. Where appropriate we will give you an indication of costs for any and all work involved to help with your budgeting.

In some cases planning permission may not be required; certain types of works can fall under ‘permitted development’. We can identify this and advise on how best to move forward with your proposals.

Measured surveys

We can perform a complete and comprehensive survey of your property producing drawings for the existing structure, as it currently stands. These drawings will form the base upon which, any future scheme is designed. The survey will identify all drainage and service facility locations included as part of the existing structure.

Design & Planning

We can meet with you to discuss your requirements and design ideas. This initial meeting will enable us to gather a general brief and to provide a no-obligation detailed fee proposal. Once you have formally engaged the Basement Design Studio we will clarify the brief in more detail and produce a preliminary scheme, again for your comment or approval, prior to a Planning Application being submitted.

Once submitted, we will monitor the progress of the planning application and keep you informed at all times. Our formal fee proposal letter will explain the process and expectations in more detail.

Supplementary Reports

Many Local Authorities now have strict policies concerning basement developments and will invariably need supplementary information, including, but not limited to:

  • Basement Impact Assessments
  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)
  • Arboricultural Reports
  • Sustainability Statements
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans
  • Construction Impact Statements

We are able to manage the processes involved in appointing the necessary consultants and producing these reports.

Exploratory Works

The structurally invasive nature of basement construction means that there are many crucial exploratory works which need to be undertaken, to ensure the stability of your new space. These works include, but are not limited to: trial holes, boreholes and soil tests, Thames Water asset mapping and CCTV drainage survey.

Structural Design

Any structural design of your property/premises should only be carried out by a qualified structural engineer. We work closely with a team of consulting structural engineers who specialise in basement design, as part of our fee package we will arrange their appointment and liaise with them over any and all issues to ensure smooth passage to the next phase of development. As part of this structural engineering phase we employ a ‘value engineering’ methodology to ensure that the final basement is completed in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Detail Design

During the detail design stage we will produce fit-out/construction drawings identifying all necessary information a main contractor would require to tender or provide a quotation for the project.

The detail drawings will include information regarding room dimensions and openings, floor and wall finishes, drainage and plumbing, appliances and fittings, lighting and power, door & window schedule, finishes schedule and outline specification, decoration and external works.

If you wish to appoint your own architect or building contractor to complete the interior fitting element of the project we can provide you with shell and waterproof drawings, as an alternative to the full fit-out schematic.

Party Wall

In most cases the services of a Party Wall Surveyor will be required and any awards issued prior to the construction stage. Again we can recommend on your behalf surveyors who are familiar with basement projects and our design methods of construction.

Tender & Contract Administration

We encourage our clients to use only contractors who can demonstrate the highest level of quality and are best suited for that specific project. We will help find the appropriate contractor for you and your project. If required we can assist in administering the contract between you (the client) and contractor to ensure the project runs smoothly and to plan. We can also advise and verify how much a contractor should be paid and ensure that they are carrying out the project as designed.