The Most Popular Home Improvements

During the pandemic we have seen a huge number of people taking advantage of the Government schemes to keep the housing market buoyant. The Stamp Duty Holiday was hugely successful in stimulating the property industry and subsequently setting the economy onto the road to recovery.

While we are the leading basement experts in London and the home counties, we are also fairly well-known for all other residential construction work. With unrivalled experience and expertise, we’ve successfully completed every kind of home improvement design project, twice probably!

While the standard box extension on the back of a property remains popular, the portion of the population who have chosen to stay put and renovate rather than move have been converting garages and adding to their homes at a rate of knots.

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Why Extend?

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns had many people looking at their homes and coming up with ways to improve it or increase the amount of habitable space. As we all spent longer than ever cooped up in our homes, we start to notice things we’d glossed over in the past.

While many people decided to move (helped by Government schemes like the Stamp Duty Holiday), some people decided that it was a good opportunity to improve their current property – adding value and space. For some people this was a better investment than moving home all together.

Many homes in the UK have a garage space. Now, in the past these were predominantly used as storage for cars. However, as cars have gotten bigger and people have a greater need for storage, these garages have become popular dumping grounds and so a new wave of enthusiasm for turning them into habitable space has hit in the last 18 months.

The Most Popular Home Improvements


This remained the most popular way to gain more space in the UK; with standard extensions making up some 81% of all planning applications. These were most popular in the North of England as house price growth in these regions has been strong in the last couple of years and with remote working during the pandemic becoming the norm, people with London jobs found themselves able to work in the North while stay employed in the South.


Garage conversions have been hugely popular with a steep increase in planning applications of the last year. Instead of moving home looking for more space, many people decided to make better use of the space they already had and so converting the garage into something functional gives the property a longer lifespan. Garage conversions are extremely popular for home office spaces and it should be noted that many of these types of projects could fall into permitted development and so the number of conversions may be considerably higher than the research suggests.

Loft Conversions and basements

Loft conversions have been popular in London in the last couple of years – especially in those properties with limited garden space. The problem with these projects is that they’re relatively expensive and rarely have the ROI upon sale to justify the cost.

Basements are most popular in locations with high land prices. The ability to add an entire floor makes the relative expense of the project worthwhile. However, in times of economic uncertainty it tends to be the super wealthy who are in positions to undertake such projects.

Garden Buildings

While the 80’s plastic semi-permanent conservatory has been replaced by the double-glazed permanent structure some of the most popular additions to a property in the last 18 months has been the garden building. The first lockdown in 2020 benefited from some glorious weather and prompted many people to invest in their gardens. An increase in log cabin orders and conservatories built specifically to fall below the threshold of planning applications.

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