The Happiest Basement in the World?

We spend a lot of time speaking about the interesting requests we get for the design and development of our clients’ basements, but we think that this chap wins, hands down!

You may have seen coverage on social media and the news of the American man who recreated a mini version Disneyland’s Fantasyland, California in his basement. We are happy to say that this isn’t something we have ever been asked to design, but as you can see, it is entirely possible to fill your basement with whatever your imagination can come up with.

We should caveat this by saying that in the United States they have different rules and regulations regarding what can be installed into your basement.

The project is a labour of love for YouTube’s Larzland who is posting regular updates on his channel, you can keep track of his progress at it happens. You can see his viral video below.

The one thing that jumps out to us in his video, aside from his obvious artistic talent, is the sheer scale of his basement space. In the US basements are far more common and so people are significantly more casual in the way they use their space.

Most of the basements we are commissioned to complete are for specific needs, such as to provide more room for their family or as a haven of luxury away from busier areas of the house.

Having a basement designed, developed and excavated in London is usually the kind of project which is undertaken as an alternative to moving home while increasing the value of the property. It can be expensive, depending on what is required and the positioning/location of the property.

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