Post lockdown surge in people extending their homes

The COVID-19 lockdown taught us a number of things about how we live and work on a day to day basis. For those lucky enough to be able to work from home, their employers suddenly realised that headcount and office space wasn’t the be all and end all they once thought it was.

Spending more time at home has also made many people reassess their living situation; many realising that their homes are just that little bit too small to spend too much time in. This, combined with the Stamp Duty Holiday has led to many people looking to move home and buy properties with more space or access to outdoor areas.

However, we have also seen a surge in people looking to extend their existing properties to make them more appropriate for the size of their families.

When you are extending your property you should consider whether the project will improve your quality of life and if the investment will add to the resale value of your property. We take a look at some of the best home improvements to make in order to add value and gain more living space.

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Predictably we’ll start with basement excavation or conversion. Many homes in London have uninhabitable cellar spaces which tend to be used as storage or as a temporary dumping ground. Converting these spaces into habitable space can add an entire storey to your home adding massive value to your property. These projects can be expensive but the return upon resale is almost always significant; we conduct detailed feasibility studies to make sure it’s a sound investment during our pre-planning and advice stage.

Garage Conversion

People rarely store their cars in garages anymore and they tend to gradually fill up with miscellaneous junk. If attached to your home, these can be perfect for turning into a playroom, study or another reception room. You will need to check on whether or not you need planning permission, but with new laws it will probably fall into the Permitted Development category. It will be subject to building regulations, we have our own trusted inspectors we recommend should we undertake your project.

Kitchen Side Return Extension

In many traditional terraced and semi-detached homes there is an alley running the length of the kitchen at the back of the house. Extending your kitchen into the side return to the full width of the rest of the house can really open out the kitchen space and improve the layout. A single storey extension will usually be classed as permitted development as long as you meet the criteria. While you may lose windows into the side return you can have roof lights in the new roof to let the light in

Loft Conversions

Slightly more complicated than a garage conversion, the loft is one of those spaces which often gets ignored. Most lofts can be converted, but make sure you speak to an architect or builder to double check before you start. There are a number of different options when it comes to converting your loft space, adding an extra room can add value to your property and create that extra space you might need to house your growing family. Always check with council planning departments before engaging in any work, while some loft conversions are permitted development others will need planning permission. Always speak to a construction professional for sound advice.

Conservatories and Sun Rooms

If you have a garden with room to extend, this option can bring nature into your home. Using glass for the roof and walls can open up the whole of your ground floor as well as add living space for you and your family. Once again, adding a conservatory is classed as permitted development but you will need to meet building regulations in order to avoid being penalised. When it comes to conservatories, do your research; there are a number of glass options which will need to fit your requirements and lifestyle.

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