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In this blog we’d like to talk about one of the companies that we have been working with since the beginning. In fact, we’re not sure many basements conversions would’ve be possible without their expertise and technology. Delta Membrane Systems are designed to solve the water and damp related issues in the basement installation process.

So, you’re looking at having a habitable basement installed – whether you have an existing space or you’re excavating a new space, as a homeowner your main concern is “will my basement flood”. It is the question on the lips of all our clients at some point. Being underground basements are susceptible to damp and flooding and so, special measures should be taken to address and prevent any kind of damage caused by naturally occurring water in the ground surrounding the house.

Of course, drainage systems are built into the structures themselves and protective membranes line the internal and external walls. As part of any waterproofing system it is important to collect the water ingress and divert it towards pumps below the basement, more so if there is a bathroom installed.

In the past a pump station would be fitted to help divert any excess water away from the structure – but what if it stopped working? These early pumps would have a loud alarm that would alert the homeowner that something was wrong and they could then contact an engineer. This system relied upon the owners of the property being present to a) hear the alarm and b) contact the engineer.

Delta realised that many of the clients who had basements installed were often out of the country for extended periods of time and so, created a pump station containing a SIM card that would send a text message to your mobile phone with a warning that your levels were high.

Now with their latest product – The AlertMaxx2 – Delta have teamed up with Packaged Pump Systems and their PumpSecure plan to fully automate your basement’s pump and waterproofing systems.

The new AlertMaxx2 monitors the pump station around the clock, sending vital data through Wi-Fi to PumpSecure and provides the customer with the peace of mind that their pump system is always running at its optimal capacity.

This is a product that we are very excited about and look forward to recommend it to our clients upon its release in July this year (2017). You can find out more on the Delta Membrane Systems website and visit Packaged Pump Systems to learn more about PumpSecure.

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