Is this the end of planning permission?

We’re no strangers to a bit of planning permission bashing; in fact we are waiting on a number of applications to be approved having been “fast-tracked” six weeks ago; but enough of our problems. This could all be coming to an end as the Government looks at revising the 70 year old planning application process, which could mean that homeowners could extend their properties by two storeys in order to cater for growing families without the need for planning permission.

This new law could come as early as September this year and while homeowners will still be required to carefully consider the impact of building on their neighbours, the fast track system should see wait time decrease from an average of 16 weeks to just eight weeks.

Now, at the time of writing there is no mention of basements, but if you are thinking of creating a bit of extra “above-ground” living space make sure you give us a call on 016280 826066 or email us and one of our team will get back to you.

Why now?

As mentioned, the planning application process hasn’t changed in more than seven decades; the construction industry however, has made huge leaps as has the size of the population in the UK. The move will help to deliver more homes and revitalise town centres, while reducing the need to build on greenfield land.

It will also provide developers with the opportunity to turn unused commercial buildings into residential housing, as the shift in working culture due to COVID-19 has an impact on businesses with their own premises.

Who benefits?

Well, everyone; it’s great news for homeowners as it will make it much easier to extend their property. This year has seen many people shy away from moving home due to the impact if the coronavirus on the property market and a general unease around moving to unfamiliar territory.

It’s also great news for practices like ours, it means that we can get cracking on a project much quicker and will enable free up a lot of admin time from our day to day. The hoops through which we often have to jump in order to gain planning permission can take up a lot of time and force our clients to compromise on their dream project.

The new measures will also be applied to self-contained units. This means that you could build a legitimate ‘granny annexe’ in your garden which could be used for elderly relatives to live in. This subsequently might free up under-occupied family homes for the property market.

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