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As the leading basement designers in the country, we get to work with the best construction professionals in the business. With this in mind we are delighted to bring you a guest blog from our colleagues at Croft Structural Engineers on Temporary Works Design.

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Ever wondered why many Structural Engineers don’t do Temporary Works Design?

The level of work and design required for the temporary works is typically more than the amount needed for the permanent structure.  We are of the opinion that Temporary Works requires a better understanding of how to construct the building and a greater depth of understanding is needed.  Therefore, many engineers say they cannot do the temporary works because it is too difficult for them.

Croft has specialist temporary works engineers 

At the heart of our service is a team of specialist engineers, vastly experienced in designing, planning and implementing temporary works schemes.

Our extensive knowledge of engineering design and construction methods influences our design of temporary works and often provides our clients with alternative permanent works design and construction processes, saving them time and money when both elements are combined.

Croft are best utilised when used to combine the permanent and temporary works together as one holistic approach.  Cost savings can be made by using the permanent works as temporary works where possible.

We have several engineers certified as Temporary Works Supervisors and Temporary Works Coordinators.

This is a higher level qualification; whilst our engineers have the qualification we do not provide co-ordination of temporary works.  However, it is very useful to have engineers who know and fully understand the process.

Croft’s approach to temporary works design
  • Meeting with the contractor – to discuss how they would like to approach the construction. We have found it better to include the contractor at the beginning of the process.
  • Scheme sequences – we provide a sequence of plans that takes the project from the existing conditions to the final design.
  • Method statement – in line with the scheme sequences, a written document will be produced. This describes in words the sequence to follow and gives more detailed descriptions where necessary.
  • Temporary works calculations – Once the temporary schemes are in place, the items that require structural design can be identified. As with permanent design for Building Control approval, we produce a pack of calculations for the elements used.

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