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One of the most important aspects of basement design is the ability to keep these stunning habitable spaces dry and free from damp. If you are a basement design expert, like we are, this is a fairly simple process providing you have access to the best pumping and redirecting systems on the market.

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Battling Mother Nature

Any experience basement designer worth their salt knows that trying to fight nature is a waste of time; especially when it comes to water in and around peoples’ homes.

Keeping a basement dry involves a number of complex systems all working in harmony to NOT stop the water from approaching the house, but instead redirect and control the flow of water around the basement.

This requires a complicated mesh of channelling and most importantly of all… a pump, to keep the water moving away from the building and return to its natural route.

We work closely with our partners at PPS (Packaged Pump Systems) to make sure our clients don’t have to worry about the logistics involved.

From PPS…

AlertMaxx2 & predictive maintenance with SideWinder Tech™

The AlertMaxx2 enables you to be anywhere in the world and know exactly what is going on with your basement pumps. Whether it’s popping to the shops or away on business, the last thing you want to return to is a flooded basement.

The AlertMaxx2 is an intelligent alarm and monitoring system that connects to the pumps and your Wi-Fi, to feed vital pump data back to the SideWinder Tech™ monitoring system.

This data is analysed by the system, and by default, you will receive SMS and email alerts of faults such as a mains power failure with the PPS PumpAware service. If you opt into a PPS service plan, this is where the AlertMaxx2 comes into its own and becomes truly predictive, monitoring the health of the pump and detecting potential blockages. As a bonus, a monitored pump service plan is cheaper than an un-monitored one!

If you sign up to a PPS service plan, the AlertMaxx2 price can be spread across your monthly payments. If that’s not for you, you can purchase the AlertMaxx2 in full and signup to PumpAware.

Either way, stepping up your basement protection with an AlertMaxx2 will provide another level of protection for your assets. 

If you are interested in speaking to PPS about their pumps and services, make sure you contact them through the PPS website.

It’s reasonable to say that all of our basements have PPS pumps and in recent years we have only installed the Alertmaxx 2 products. We always recommend the pump monitoring service and it’s probably the best thing to happened to basement pumps in recent years.

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